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MA Clinical Laboratory’s mission is to provide outstanding diagnostic services and patient care through our leading clinical staff and customer service professionals.

 Rehabilitation Clinics

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Physician Offices

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Nursing Facilities

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Clinics & Hospitals

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Individuals & Corporations

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Our team of experts will customize any testing to best fit your needs, including the number of tests required, test frequency, and delivery.

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Within 24 hours of placing an order, your organization will receive either nasal or saliva PCR diagnostic test kits.

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Our self-collection test kits are easy-to-use, come with step-by-step instructions, and can be administered within minutes.

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Simply ship the kits back to us, and we will process the samples at our CLIA- accredited diagnostic lab.

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Test results will be made available in your secure provider's portal within 24 hours of the samples reaching our lab.

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